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A TV soulmate you've never imagined 



TM-100 is a high-performing wireless soundbar system to your TV. It allows music streaming via Bluetooth, optical, HDMI(ARC), USB and AUX. The soundbar is specially designed with certain angle for optimal hearing experience, two custom full-range speakers of which come with outstanding sound performance. Besides, subwoofer with specialized bandpass design magnifies the bass effects which gives you an amazing acoustic experience at home. 


  • Magical TV sound system with extraordinary performance.

  • Bluetooth wireless technology for free music streaming. 

  • Full-range speaker drivers produces stunning sound in full sound field.

  • Subwoofer with bandpass design doubles bass effects with overwhelming power. 

  • Plug and play, auto interconnection between soundbar and subwoofer via 2.4G transmission.

  • Support Dolby AC-3 (Dolby Surround Audio Coding-3) for premium surround sound effects.

  • Optional inputs: Bluetooth, HDMI(ARC), optical, USB, AUX.

  • 5 learnable keys on soundbar to learn from other remote control.



Output power: 15W * 2 + 55W 

Harmonic distortion: < 0.5% (1W 1kHz)

Frequency response: 30 Hz - 20 kHz  

Signal/Noise ratio: > 80 dB

Separation: > 45 dB


Full-range speaker: 48 x 76mm, 2 pcs, 8Ω 

Woofer: 5.25”, 4Ω 


Input: Bluetooth, Optical, HDMI(ARC), USB, AUX

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