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Stereo bookshelf speaker

Compact stereo bookshelf speaker system for all your listening pleasures.
Ideal for all room types. Built with quality wooden cabinets for perfect sound.
Quality woofer and tweeter combination for full range 2-Way audio.
Excellent sound for its small size. Connect to your computer or gaming
station for that extra sound effect and power.    

• Compact sized wooden stereo cabinets for all listening multimedia entertainment.         
• Ideal for TV, Mp3/Mp4, CD/DVD and PC uses.
• 4" Woofer and 0.75" tweeter for full range of acoustic spectrum.
• Magnetically shielded for interference free positioning.
• 4 x RCA inputs with 2 different input sources.
• Terminal speaker connections for high fidelity.
• Individual bass and master volume controls. 

B73 500x500-1.jpg
B73 500x500-1.jpg

Output power: 18W *2
Harmonic distortion: < 0.3% (1W 1kHz)
Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio: > 80 dB
Separation: > 52 dB
Tweeter driver: 0.75" * 2, 6Ω
Woofer driver: 4" * 2, 4Ω
Input: 2RCA x2
Output: Terminal post
Product dimension : 248 x 299 x 400 mm
Product net weight: 5.6 kg

Package information
Package contents
B73 Speakers 2pcs
2RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable 1pc
Interconnect cable 1pc
User manual 1pc
Export carton dimension: 506 x 393 x 670 mm
Export carton gross weight: 28.5 kg (4sets)


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