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CES 2018 Microlab showcased smart speaker system

What's new in CES 2018 


Exhibition: CES 2018 at Las Vegas, USA

Date: January 9 - 12, 2018

Booth: South hall 1 - 20260

Brands: Microlab & Crossroads

This year, Microlab showed up in CES 2018 with their new brand "Crossroads" founded by Paul Bente who'd served as JBL president. Crossroads unveiled its wide product ranges: Home theater system-E series and C series, Soundbar and wireless subwoofer, Smart speaker with voice assistance, WIFI adaptor, architectural speaker series, During the exhibition, people flocked in our booth and felt so excited about our products. The fusion of award-winning design and edge-cutting technology appeals to those global buyers who're eagerly looking for innovative products. 

Smart voice-enabled WIFI speaker with Alexa assistance


Home theater system with premium sound


WIFI adaptor for multi-room play 

Architectural speaker 

Besides, Microlab released a new chic Bluetooth speaker incorporating sound, light and power, Lighthouse. Lighthouse is much portable and multi-functional, which can also be used as camping lamp and power bank. The versatile lighting modes allow you to illuminate the darkeness or create a romantic atmosphere. At home, it accompanies kids to read, do homework or sleep. As an outdoor amateur, it's not only a camping light, but also a power bank for charging up your digital devices. Holding a seaside party along the beach, you could turn the Lighthouse on with music and colorful lighting. What a wonderful product that you could not miss in your life.       


Portable speaker and earbuds with TWS technology

Since the era of wireless earphones came, microlab brought Trekker 200, Mogul, Outlander300 and more new models to your sight. For example, the lightweight true wireless earbuds Trekker 200 packed in a small charging box, the circumaural earphone Outlander 300 with advanced Active Noise Cancelation technology, the true wireless headsets with sharing function for social life. All these earphones with different marketing positioning had attracted enormous attendees to try it on.


Wireless headsets


Bluetooth 2.1 subwoofer speaker

SOLO Series- Monitor speaker

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