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Go Explore Microlab's Showcase in CES

In CES2016, Microlab brings more new speakers with innovative designs and compact size, especially two brand-new 5.2/5.8G wireless speakers, Kernel-TV Bar and Kernel-Box.


CES2016 has taken place on January 6, Las Vegas, Nevada. Microlab, as one of the leading speaker brands and manufacturers in China, launched two lately Hi-Tech home speakers with 5.2/5.8G wireless technology, Kernel-TV Bar and Kernel-Box. Kernel-TV Bar featured by its compact size and unique design, has appealed to a crowd of buyers and medium. Now let’s go explore what Microlab brings to the show.


Microlab Kernel-TV Bar is a brand new TV sound system for home with mini, novel and fashionable design. It’s known to all that a soundbar is always a long bar shape which takes up much room for small house or apartment. For Microlab, we design the soundbar 240mm long and equip 6 speakers inside, which is a big breakthrough on the loud sound coming out of such mini shell.  

The sub-woofer design is another eye-catching feature of Kernel-TV Bar, getting rid of the out-to-date square but chunky design. Its slightly round and square loop design fits in the trendy creative home. The attached wall-mounting bracket allows users to put it anywhere as they please.

By the way, the new generation 5.2/5.8G wireless transmission technology is featured by “fast speed, high anti-interference, far transmission, good stability”.

In the listening room of Microlab booth in CES2016, Kernel-TV Bar has been tried out. It’s really amazing about its deep powerful bass and stunning surround sound which immerse you as it were in a real theatre.


Besides, Microlab launched another fashion kit Kernel-Box, a 5.2/5.8G wireless speaker with multi-room function. Kernel-Box is designed with detachable handle, changeable rubber case and cloth case, which allows users to change according to various moods, outfits and occasions. Users can also share the same song in own rooms with 180°surround sound effects via 5.2/8.8G wireless transmission.


Except of these two speakers, more new products under the concept of”Home, Portable, Wireless” are shown in this CES. Let’s go check below.




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