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Escorting you with light, sound and power blob.png


Lighthouse is a multi-functional, portable, outdoor speaker featuring novel design and the latest wireless technology. Combining the functions of a camp lantern, multiple lighting color choices, USB power bank for charging other devices and a powerful speaker, Lighthouse is the perfect gadget for all of your outdoor adventures. 

The advanced TWS technology allows you to double the fun by streaming your music simultaneously to two Lighthouses at once. It also provide fast acccess to Siri on your iOS devices that can do you a favor at any time you need. The bright illumination can be used for task lighting or switch over to one of the many colors to create different moods. What’s more, Lighthouse is equipped with a humongous power supply for charging your portable devices. Without worry about running out of power, Lighthouse is a knight escorting you along your way.


  • Bluetooth Streaming

  • TWS: True wireless technology brings sharing by streaming to two Lighthouse at once.

  • Design: Fashionable and ergonomic design, inspired by costal lighthouses.

  • Siri: Fast access to Siri on your phone, free interaction for all your need.

  • Camping Light: Illuminate your camping night with colorful atmospheric lights or switch over to brighter task lighting..

  • Power bank function: Power supply for all of your portable devices.

  • IP65: Waterproof and dustproof for your outdoor use.

  • Hands-free call: Built-in waterproof microphone for hands free calling.



Output Power: 6W 

Speakers: 2", waterproof

Frequency Response: 60 Hz - 20 kHz  

Signal Noise Ratio: > 70 dB

Battery: 5000mAh/3.7V 

Play Time: 10 hours (@50% volume)

Charging Time: < 2 hours  

Input: 3.5mm stereo 

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